July update from the Team at Yellowfin: NPS feedback and product roadmap update

Lee Roquet shared this announcement 1 week ago

We sent out our annual net promoter score (NPS) survey a few months back to gather feedback so to improve the customer experience with Yellowfin's products and services. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate. Your comments have been heard and helped to define our product and team focus for the next 12 months.

What can you expect from us in the next 12 months? We will be pushing the industry forward with our focus on making data insights easier to discover in order to implement faster business decisions. As well as introducing new game-changing capability, we will be working hard on product ease of use items, performance and UI functionality. Your feedback will be addressed in these three key areas:

  1. Performance – We have a dedicated team focused on reviewing and improving performance in all areas of the application. Expect to see improvements in a number of areas from the 7.4.10 and 8.0.2 releases and in each release thereafter; with some customer testing we are seeing 25 to 75% increase in performance.
  2. Quality – For example, in the next Yellowfin Release, 8.0.2 has hundreds of enhancements and fixes with more to come in 8.0.3 and 8.1.
  3. Improving the usability of our product – Ease of use, integration, and improvements in customization will allow a refined look and feel.

What’s in store for the next few product releases?

Version 8.0.2 – Live now (review release notes) includes:

  • Performance enhancements across timeline, browse-page, dashboard loading, and signal list.
  • Enhancements to Signals such as applying filters to Signal jobs, deleting Signals for a job, enhanced timeline notifications (including the ability to dismiss from timeline), improved email notifications and the automatic detection of seasonality in our Outliers algorithm.
  • Driver certification for AWS Athena and improvements for Google BigQuery and Vertica.
  • A variety of customer requested enhancements and quality fixes.

Version 8.0.3 – Late August timeframe, release focus is around the new Yellowfin Mobile App to include:

  • Brand new mobile app dedication to Signals, Stories and collaboration
  • More fixes in story for this version but our major focus will be on v8.1

Version 8.1 – October timeframe to deliver new Dashboard functionality, release includes:

  • Bringing canvas to dashboard – fully flexible layouts
  • Aligning Dashboard and Storyboard capability – Storyboard will be replaced with Yellowfin Present
  • New dashboard creation UX – more intuitive and better looking
  • Developer ‘code mode’ – for faster content creation and more flexibility
  • Greater ability to extend and customize – Code widget plug-ins, new JS API
  • Dashboard broadcast, bookmarking and other highly requested features
  • Modern stateless / microservices architecture – Faster and more scalable

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Enjoy July,

Lee Roquet, CCO