IMPORTANT: Community Submissions on Chrome

Ryan Carrie shared this announcement 1 month ago

There's a known issue with the Yellowfin Community that prevents users from seeing their ticket or topic submission text when using Chrome.

Please use an alternative browser or submit tickets via email by emailing until we are able to resolve this issue.

Thank you for your patience.

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I encountered this issue, but if I click on the "Change View" button, then I can see the text. See the screenshot.




Change view indeed shows text in the Chrome browser however that puts us into 'markdown/code' mode, and requires one to use either markdown or HTML to format their text, add pictures, etc.

I would also like to point out (though not ideal in many cases) the mobile version of Chrome app appears to work fine with Yellowfin community (in fact I have used it to submit this reply, the only downside is I find I am limited to plain-text).