Danielle Essma shared this announcement 5 days ago

The team at Yellowfin hope you and your family are safe. We understand that lots of people are being impacted by today's unprecedented COVID-19 epidemic and we hope you and your team has transitioned smoothly and safely to remote working in many regions of the world. We're all figuring this out together and we're committed to partnering with you during this time of uncertainty.

Our global support team, well actually all of our team at Yellowfin is working at home and fortunately all of our team members are healthy and fully operational. We wanted to share with you some tips on how the Yellowfin team has been WFH successfully. If you find these tips helpful, please share the knowledge with your team:

  • Daily Teams virtual stand-up sessions to share plans and goals for the day
  • Some of these sessions are "Peer Led" - one person will come prepared with a topic to discuss and demonstrate. There is a forum discussion where folks can chime in. These have been fantastic and I can't recommend it enough!!
  • Have everyone's camera ON is key, got to see the faces so we can smile together
  • We started a Kanban board in Yellowfin with our goal sheets, where each team member can write down the 3 goals they want to accomplish for the week. As each goal gets completed we mark it green and on the next day’s calls we celebrate
  • We are sharing and collaborate with Stories and timeline to bring people and teams closer together…never knew there were so many memes
  • Closing the week off we have a all team video conference to close out the week and share a laugh, recipes, and what to binge what over the weekend

We hope you and your teams stay safe and know that our team is following the same rules so we all can get through this as quickly as possible. Please feel free to reach out if we can be of any help or guidance.

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